The police officer, who was considered dead, 16 years later found in the insane-asylum, a sad story

Web Desk. The 2004 tsunami in ‘Indonesia’ wreaked havoc and killed more than 230,000 people. A police officer also went missing in the tsunami.

Until now, his family has thought he was dead. But now, 16 years later, he has found a place that no one could have imagined. According to Mail Online, the police officer was identified as ”Abrip Asep”, who was in the area affected by the 2004 tsunami.

When no one trace of him was found after the tsunami, his family believed that he too had been a victim of the tsunami. However, in recent days, Abrip Asep has been found in an insane-asylum and has been taken to his family.

According to the report, the horrific scenes that Abrip saw in the tsunami had a very negative effect on his brain health and he became mentally ill, after that he was sent to a lunatic asylum. Where his treatment continued.

One week ago, his family posted some memorable pictures on social media, including the Abrip. Along with these pictures, the posts also mentioned Abrip Asep.

When people saw the pictures, there was a man among them who had seen Abrip at the psychiatric hospital. He told his family about it and when the Abrip family went there for confirmation, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Abrip Asep.

Because what they thought was dead for 16 years was alive before their eyes. According to the report, Abrip has been taken away by his family and they say, we will continue to treat it himself.

The man who was pronounced dead became alive at the autopsy time

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