The problem of obese people has been solved

Web Desk, The problem of obese people has been solved the medicine that does not make you hungry after taking it, scientists have given good news in the latest research.

It is also impossible to get rid of obesity because the weight lost through strict dieting and strenuous exercise comes back with the slightest carelessness of food. But now scientists have come up with a new study on a diabetes drug that can easily get rid of obesity.

According to Mail Online, the drug is marketed under the names Ozempic and Rybelsus and is used to treat other types of diabetes. In their research, the scientists said that by taking this medicine once a week, the appetite disappears and the person starts eating very little food, as a result of which he loses weight rapidly.

To eradicate obesity, scientists have tested the drug on more than 2,000 people, with very encouraging results. One-third lost one-fifth of their weight, while 75 percent lost one-tenth of their weight.

Scientists say the drug could be a game-changer for obesity. Because it can help people lose weight without obesity. A simple exercise routine can help to protect against cancer

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