The Queen’s Husband, Prince Philip, passed away at the age of 99

Web Desk. Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving Royal Consort in British history, has died at the age of 99.

Prince Philip’s death was announced in a tweet shared from the royal family’s official Twitter account. The tweet says “It is with great sadness that we announce that the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has died”.

The Royal Family tweeted that Prince Philip died suddenly this morning at Windsor Castle. The royal family shares in this hour of grief with all the people of the world. The tweet added that more information in this regard would be made shortly.



According to ‘The Guardian’, after the death of Prince Philip, flags on important buildings in Britain were lowered. In addition, the headers and profile photos of all social media accounts linked to the British royal family have been changed due to the death of Prince Philip.

Prince Philip married Princess Elizabeth in 1947, five years before She became queen, and the two have been together for the longest time in British royal history. He had been in critical condition for the past two months and was admitted to the hospital in February this year.

However, his condition did not improve and he was transferred to another hospital in London to avoid complications of premature heart disease.

The statement said Prince Phillips had gone to the hospital in a car for a routine check-up but had been advised by his doctor to be admitted to the hospital. The statement confirmed that Prince Phillips had been hospitalized due to old age.

Prince Phillips and his wife, the 94-year-old Queen of Great Britain, have already moved out of Buckingham Palace to the Royal Palace in Windsor due to the corona epidemic and have been vaccinated against corona as a precautionary measure.

Prince Phillips has been hospitalized several times before due to ill health. Prince Phillips celebrated his 100th birthday in June this year, and he retired from royal duties in 2017 due to old age.

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