The state of people anxious to get social media likes, like a hungry rat in search of food, interesting discovery by scientists

Web Desk The age we are living in is the age of social media and people have a lust for “likes”. However, now scientists have made a revelation about people who are looking for likes, which will spread a smile on their faces.

According to Mail Online, scientists from the United States and Europe, found in a joint study of humans and mice,  that social media users who are becoming impatient for likes are more likely to have a mental illness. It is like a rat that is hungry and wanders in search of food.

The scientists monitored the brain activity of humans and mice in the study, which found that when a social media user was rushing to get likes on their post and when a hungry rat was looking for food. At that time, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Professor David Amodio a New York University psychologist and member of the research team said, ”our research has shown that the desire for human liking is an instinct that is found in almost every animal. Under this instinct, animals want and try to get much food as possible.”

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