The story of the family reunion: like the story of a movie

Web Desk. You have never seen or heard of such a family reunion. In fact, it is like the story of a movie that came to light in China when a woman was preparing for her son’s wedding and she was shocked to discover that the Bride was in fact her long-lost daughter.

According to Newsweek, the mother found out about the birthmark on the bride’s hand. Seeing the sign, the boy’s mother immediately asked the bride’s parents if they had adopted their daughter 20 years ago.

The bride’s parents were shocked by the question because they kept the adoption secret from most people, including their daughter. However, they confirmed that he found the girl on the roadside as a child and then raised her.

On hearing this, the bride embraced her real mother and began to weep. The mother and daughter were happy to meet, but the bride expressed reservations about the marriage because she now knew her true relationship with the bridegroom’s mother.

However, at that time it was revealed that the bridegroom was not his real brother, his mother had adopted him. The mother explained that she had adopted the boy after years of failing to find her daughter.

Because she thought she would never find her daughter. So the wedding will be like this and the participants also celebrated the reunion of mother and daughter.

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