The town where it is so cold that all the citizens left it, empty houses and buildings were left behind

Web Desk. Russia, the cold devastated a town. According to a Daily Star report town of Vorkuta in the Sementnozavodsky region where the temperature stays below minus 50 degrees Celsius. That is why the residents have left the town and moved to other places.

The town has been deserted for almost a decade. Recently, a photographer arrived in the town and took pictures of the deserted buildings and posted them on social media, which stunned the people. In these pictures, it can be seen that even inside the houses, layers of ice are frozen.

According to the report, there were a lot of job opportunities in the area as Vorkuta has a reputation for coal mining. But jobs have been declining for a decade, so there is no reason for people to live in such a cold area that they have to leave the town and move to other cities.

This town has a historical significance. It was built by prisoners during the reign of ”Joseph Stalin”. When the Gulag prison was built in the area on the orders of Joseph Stalin, one of the most notorious prisons for torturing prisoners. 

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