The two brothers who grow up with the cattle in the countryside made huge money that even senior billionaire was shocked

Web Desk. Two brothers who spent their childhood and boyhood with cows in a rural area of ​​Ireland have done such a feat in the world of technology that even senior billionaire was stunned to learn about their success.

According to Mail Online, the brothers are Patrick and John Collison, who are currently 32 and 30 years old, respectively. Having a rural background, they entered the world of technology almost a decade ago and today there company’s assets exceed £70 billion.

According to the report, Patrick and John founded a company called Stripe in 2010, an online payment processor platform. Peter and John’s small village is called Dromineer, with a population of only about 120 people.

The value of their company, Stripe, has tripled in the past year. Today, an average of 5,000 transactions are made every second through Stripe. Mark Carney, the ex-Governor of the Bank of England, is part of Stripe’s board.

Patrick Collison said, When we founded Stripe, that time total value of the global e-commerce market, is lower than the value of our company alone today.

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