The US company’s vaccine is also effective against new types of corona

Web Desk. Scientists at the American company Moderna say that the Covid-19 vaccine they have developed is effective against new and more contagious strains of the Corona Virus discovered in the UK and South Africa.

Preliminary laboratory tests released by the company indicate that the antibodies activated in the body by the vaccine identify new types and fight against them. However, more effective research is needed to fully confirm this.

Keep in mind that new strains of the Corona Virus have so far reached dozens of countries. These new species have undergone genetic modifications that allow them to infect human cells more easily than the old species. Experts estimate that the new nation discovered in the UK could be up to 70% more contagious than previous species.

Covid-19 vaccines were designed with older types in mind, but scientists believe that they may be effective against new types, but their effectiveness may be affected to some extent.

For the study, researchers took blood samples from eight people who had been given two doses of the vaccine. The results of the study have not yet been published in a medical journal, but they suggest that vaccine-derived immunity is also effective against new strains.

Antibodies to the virus resulting from the vaccine prevent the virus from entering the cells. When new strains of the corona were tested on their blood samples, it was discovered that antibodies had made them ineffective. Earlier, the Covid-19 vaccine, developed by the American company Pfizer and the German company BioNtech, was also found to be effective against the new strains in the initial research.

In early January, Pfizer released the results of a joint study with researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. The study looked at resistance to vaccines against new strains of the virus in 20 volunteers, which were developed in a laboratory.

According to the study, the Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be effective against 16 different mutations in these new strains. Scientists believe that a mutation in a new type of corona discovered in South Africa gives it greater resistance to vaccines. However, no Solid evidence has emerged so far. 

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