The world is starting to run out of sand, but why? Experts warn

Web Desk. We keep hearing predictions of a shortage of water and other things in the world. Now the danger of the world facing a shortage of sand has also been predicted. This could make it difficult to develop vials for the corona vaccine.

According to Mail Online, sand is used in the manufacture of concrete and glass, so its shortage could lead to a crisis in the construction and glass industries.

There are currently 1,000 sand mines in the United States, which cannot meet the annual consumption of 50 billion tons of sand. There has been a global shortage of glass since 2015, and the increasing number of bottles needed for the corona vaccine is exacerbating the problem.

Experts say the demand for glass bottles used for vaccines could increase by more than 2 billion in the next two years. It is feared that if the demand is not met due to lack of sand, the supply of corona vaccine to the world may be disrupted.

United Nations Environment Program Pascal Peduzzi’s said, we think there is sand everywhere in the world but we are wrong. We never thought we would run out of sand. But now in some parts of the world, we are facing a shortage of sand and in other countries sand will soon be in short supply.

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