The world’s richest man lost $27 billion in one week, losing the world richest honor

Web Desk. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla owner Alan Musk are in a race to become the world’s richest man. If one goes ahead at a time, the other will overtake him in a few days or weeks.

This time Alan Musk was the number one richest man in the world for several weeks. But after a record loss of $27 billion in a week, he has come in second and Jeff Bezos has become the number one richest man in the world again.

According to Bloomberg, shares of Alan Musk’s electric car maker Tesla have been falling since last Monday. The fall in the company’s share price has reduced Alan Musk’s fortune by $27 billion. As a result, his fortune is $20 billion less than that of Jeff Bezos.

Alan Musk 49, fell 15 percent to $157 billion after markets closed on Friday. As a result, he became the second richest person in the world and Jeff Bezos came first with an additional wealth of $20 billion.

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