The world’s second-oldest woman is ready to celebrate her 117th birthday by defeating Covid-19

Web Desk, Europe’s oldest woman has beaten the new coronavirus, Covid-19, and will celebrate her victory with her 117th birthday. Sister Andre, a Nun from France, was born in 1904 and was diagnosed with the coronavirus in mid-January.

The disease was diagnosed at St. Catherine Labour’s nursing home near Toulon, where 81 of the 88 residents fell victim and 10 died. She is also the oldest woman to possibly defeat the epidemic.



Sister Andre will celebrate her 117th birthday sometime today on February 11, and despite being diagnosed with Covid-19, she did not show any symptoms. However, after being diagnosed with the disease, she was confined to her room and complained of loneliness. “She told a local newspaper, I didn’t even know I was sick”.

A spokesman for the nursing home told the newspaper that the woman had not expressed any fears about the virus. The spokesperson said that they asked me not about health but about routine, she wanted to know if there would be any change in eating and sleeping times, she not expressed any fear regarding the disease.  She was more concerned about the rest of the people.

When Nun was asked if she was scared of Covid-19, she said no, I was not afraid because now I am not afraid of death, I am happy with you but I want to go somewhere else now, I want to meet my elder brother, my grandparents. The spokesman said that Andre is celebrating his birthday on February 11, but this time the number of people will be less due to the coronavirus.

Andre is blind and unable to walk, which became part of a church in 1944. She has been in the nursing home since 1979 and has been in the nursing home in Toulon since 2009.

Nun is the world’s second-oldest woman, currently the oldest person in Japan’s Ken Tanka, who turned 118 on January 2. Andre said last year that he had no idea how he could live so long, I don’t know the secret, only God can answer that question. 

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