Thief who broke into the house, stuck in the railings called the police himself

Web Desk. Mexico, a thief broke into a house and tried to break into it, but then he had to call the police himself. What happened to him? It will be difficult for you to stop giggle.

According to Mail Online, the incident took place in Morelia, Mexico, where the burglar tried to break through the iron railings of a house, but due to the narrowing of the railing hole, he got badly stuck.

According to the report, the skinny thief thought that he would enter through the railings. However, after getting stuck, he tried to get his head out for two hours and finally got tired. Finely he took a phone out of his pocket and called the police.

He told police over the phone, ”I’m a thief and I’m stuck in the railing of a house, come and get me out of here”. Shortly afterward, a police vehicle arrived with the help of the emergency services, removed the thief’s head from the railings and arrest him.

Video of this unique event has surfaced on social media, which was made by a resident of the area and posted. The person who records the video said, ”this thief is trapped in the railings like a rat in a trap,” showing the thief trapped in the railings in the video.

Photo and Video Courtesy Facebook User and Facebook

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