This popular video will be permanently deleted after the Auction

Web Desk. The world of the Internet is such an interesting place that once something arrives, it can never end, no matter how many years pass, it always comes back.

And the same thing happened with a popular video, which was shared on YouTube 14 years ago. The video became known as ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ (Charlie cut my finger), which took the children and their families to the seventh heaven of popularity.

The makers of this video are now auctioning it off NFT. But after the video is auctioned off on its 14th anniversary, it will be permanently deleted from YouTube, which has been viewed more than 88 million times so far.



Famous 2000s memes have been sold as NFT this year. The innocence and mischief of the children in this video impressed everyone.

The parents of the two children were then invited to several television shows, where they also talked about the video that was suddenly made.

“But now you can see what these kids look like in the picture below from last year.” Harry is now 17 years old and Charlie is 15 years old. This video shared by his father is now the 90th most viewed video on YouTube.

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