This viral image on the internet is nothing special to the photographer

Web Desk, A viral photo of Senator Bernie Sanders looted the event on the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the United States.

But the photographer who took it thinks that this picture is nothing special but ‘garbage’. Of course, on social media, you may have seen this picture being used in various ways, which was taken at this oath-taking ceremony.

In this photo, the US senator is sitting alone in a folding chair with arms and legs crossed, wearing a green jacket and oversized gloves. The photo was taken by Brendan Smialowski of the French Press Agency (AFP).

Now he said in an interview that “this picture was not very good, the composition was not good, I will not make it part of any portfolio”. He took the picture with his DSLR camera and said that in fact he had taken 2 pictures of Bernie Sanders at the event and the other picture was much better. However, he filed the first picture in the agency’s feed simply because of the senator’s interesting style, although he himself calls the composition ‘garbage’.

I always say that in photojournalism, content is more important than composition, and that content is the current moment, said photographer Brendan Smialowski. He said he actually wanted to take pictures of two Republican senators, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who had raised objections to the outcome of the US presidential election.

However, he saw Bernie Sanders in this particular pose and saved it in the eye of the camera. The photographer says that I don’t usually like this kind of picture and I don’t like to take pictures in general. He admitted that he would have been happier if photo memes had not been posted on social media, but he also enjoyed people’s creativity on the internet. 

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