Too much sugar is bad for children’s brain development: Study

Web Desk. Want the best mental development for your children? So avoid feeding them too many sweets. This was found in a new medical study in the United States. The results of the study were published in the medical journal Transitional Psychiatry.

The University of Georgia study found that too much sugar can affect children’s brain development, especially the most important part of learning and memory, the Hippocampus.

During the experiments on rats in this study, they were given sweet drinks on a daily basis. Research has found that this habit has a negative effect on performance in learning and memory tasks in childhood.

Research has shown that eating too much sugar causes changes in the Gastrointestinal tract that can lead to memory loss. During the study, the rats were given a sugar syrup with a normal diet, similar to the commonly available sweet drinks.

The mice were then tasked with memorizing the hippocampus. The researchers found that the ability of these rats to distinguish between sugary foods in childhood was affected, while no such effects were observed in rats that lived away from sugar.

Researchers said that excessive consumption of sugar in childhood seems to affect the learning and memory abilities of the brain. The also says more research was needed to identify the link between the stomach and the brain.

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