Tourist stuck on the damaged glass bridge

Web Desk. A tourist is trapped in a glass bridge in China when bridge glass suddenly breaks. The glass floor of the swinging bridge in northeastern China’s Jilin Province suddenly shattered.

According to the report, a tourist was looking down on a bridge located at a height of 100 meters in a city called Longjiang when suddenly a strong wind started blowing.

A strong wind blowing at a speed of 150 km per hour shattered several glass panels of the bridge and trapped the tourist. The tourist was evacuated by firefighters, police, and local authorities after an hour-and-a-half struggle.

Photos shared on Chinese social media show a man holding the side of the bridge while the glass panels around it are broken and holes are visible.

The images have been viewed millions of times on the social media site Weibo. The unidentified tourist was not harmed in the accident but underwent a full medical examination at the hospital.

People on the Chinese social media site called the incident a nightmare. One wrote, “numerous glass towers have been built in recent years and are popular with tourists, but how can we guarantee their safety?.”

Such bridges are very popular with tourists in China, the most famous being the 430-meter bridge in Hunan Province, which was built to cross a ditch. The tourist accident is under investigation.

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