Turkey’s ‘tourist package’ for travelers, a unique way to avoid quarantine in the UK

Web Desk. Passengers coming to the UK from countries banned due to the spread of the coronavirus are using the Turkish route to avoid mandatory quarantine.

Arab News quotes the Times as having said that tourists and travelers stay in Turkey before arriving in the UK as the UK has not yet added Turkey to its red list.

Travel agencies are selling quarantine packages to travelers from other countries, including Pakistan and India, which have been added to the UK’s red list of travel bans.

Under the package, travel agencies ask UK travelers to spend ten days as a tourist in Turkey and then land at any British airport, including London, where they will not face quarantine restrictions.

According to the report, Turkey has imposed a quarantine ban on travelers from any country and has not yet been added to the UK’s red list of travel bans.

The quarantine package is legal under UK travel restrictions, but it became controversial in Turkey when a temporary lockdown was imposed following an increase in coronavirus cases.

Tourists and travelers in Turkey are exempted from restrictions and can move around the country easily.

Murat Emir, Turkey’s opposition party leader said, “British citizens from Pakistan are roaming freely in the country, spreading the Indian virus here.”

He said, “this issue needs to be addressed immediately and the same restrictions should be imposed on travelers from Pakistan and India as other European countries have imposed.”

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca warned last week that five cases of the Indian coronavirus had been reported in Istanbul. Prime Minister Imran Khan shared photos of the first ‘Winter Skiing’ in Deosai

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