Twitter going to start some great new features

Web Desk. Twitter has begun testing a few new features that will improve the way images are viewed on social networking sites. Twitter support said in various tweets that the company will test large images and 4K uploads in the next few weeks.

In a test in iOS and Android, when users tweet a photo, a composer will see what that photo will look like on the timeline. As a result of the new future, the whole picture will now appear in the tweet and there will be no need to open it by clicking.


Photo Courtesy, Twitter Support

Twitter is also testing the feature for users to upload and view 4K photos on iOS and Android devices. Note that in the desktop version of Twitter users have been uploading high-resolution images since 2018, but this feature is not available in mobile apps.

Earlier, at the end of February, the company also announced the introduction of several new features. Twitter preparing to introduce a number of new features soon, including tipping, communities, and account subscription features.

The company added that exploring features will be helpful for influencers and creators who want to monetize Twitter following, with features like tipping and super follow. These features are currently being tested and the company did not say when these features testing would begin and when would be available to users.



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