Two arrested for robbing people with monkeys in New Delhi

Web Desk. Police have arrested two people in the Indian capital, New Delhi, for robbing people through monkeys. According to the French news agency AFP, police say the two men were arrested when a lawyer complained to the Police that three men were walking around with the monkeys, and they looted Rs 6,000.

Authorities in India have long sought to address the problem of monkeys entering homes in search of food. However, according to the 1972 law, people cannot grab monkeys.

According to a police official, “When the man was sitting in an auto-rickshaw, these men also got into the rickshaw and asked one monkey to sit in the front seat while the other to sit in the back.” “They looted the money in the lawyer’s wallet and fled with the monkeys.”

Police suspected that the group would carry out similar incidents and formed a team to nab them. The team arrested the 2 men, including the monkeys, at the bus stop on Thursday.

The third man has not yet been arrested, while the monkeys have been moved to an animal shelter. In India, people are often trained monkeys to perform in the streets and they often attack people. Last year, the monkeys snatched samples from a member of the medical staff to diagnose coronavirus.

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