Two simple tips for a quick deep sleep: Sleep Expert

Web Desk. Some people fall asleep very late and keep changing their side on the bed. Now an expert has come up with two tips to make asleep easier.

According to Daily Star expert James Wilson has said, that when you are not feeling sleepy take a slow breath. When you slow down your breathing, your heart rate will slow down and you will fall asleep faster.

The way to slow down is to take in your breath for four seconds, then hold it inside for four seconds, then release it in four seconds and then repeat this method after resting for 4 seconds.

James Wilson calls this first method “Box Breathing”. Explaining the second method, James Wilson said that this technique of breathing is called ‘The’ technique. In this technique close your eyes and imagine a long dark tunnel with white light coming in from the end.

Focus on this light and in the meanwhile keep breathing through your stomach and keep saying the word ‘The’ over and over again. This way your mind will stop wandering around and calm down. On the other hand, this method will also slow down your heartbeat and you will fall asleep faster.

Why do some people’s eyes begin to close at noon?

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