UAE announces first-ever UAE citizenship for foreigners

Web Desk. The United Arab Emirates has decided to grant citizenship to foreigners for the first time. The Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced that investors, professionals including scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, writers, and their families have special expertise in various walks of life. Will be eligible for citizenship under the new law.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed said that the laws are being changed for this purpose and the aim is to draw the attention of those who are pursuing the journey of economic development towards their country.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said on Twitter that the UAE cabinet, local Emirati courts, and governing councils should nominate eligible citizens according to each category, under which UAE passport holders should be able to maintain their current citizenship, will also be allowed.

The UAE’s economy is dependent on crude oil exports, but the Coronavirus epidemic and falling crude oil prices have hit the economy and forced millions of migrants to leave the UAE. Citizenship is not yet granted to foreigners in the UAE, but accommodation and employment are provided there, which has to be renewed every 2 or 3 years.

But now investors, doctors, scientists, talented people, intellectuals, artists, and their families will be able to maintain their current citizenship with the UAE, i.e. dual citizenship will be allowed, which is not yet allowed in the Middle East. Citizenship will be decided by top UAE officials.

The UAE has also relaxed long-term residency rules in recent years to bring in talented people from abroad to this end, the 10-year Golden Visa Program was introduced in 2019, extending last year to a 5-year retirement visa program for people over the age of 55. 

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