Unique White Paint that eliminates the need for Air Conditioners

Web Desk. As a result of climate change, the intensity of heat is increasing every year and as a result, the use of air conditioners is also becoming more common.

But imagine a paint that won’t need AC once you apply it at home. Yes, indeed an American university has developed a stomach that will eliminate the ‘need’ for AC.

Developed by engineers at the University of Purdue, this special white paint reflects 95.5% of sunlight and cools the surface to 19 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the surrounding environment.

This is an achievement that has not yet been achieved in any commercial heat-reflecting white paints. The results of the researchers’ research on the paint were published in the journal, Journal Reports Physical Science.

Researchers say that you need air conditioners because sunlight warms the roof and walls and increases the feeling of warmth inside the house. He said the paint would eliminate the need for air conditioners as it would reflect sunlight and reduce indoor temperatures.

The production of this paint is the result of many years of hard work for which various paint formulations have been tried. According to the research team, calcium carbonate has been used as the main ingredient in this paint.

The research team compared the paint to commercial white paints with the help of an infrared camera. This paint looks purple in the infrared image, which indicates that it stays cool even in direct sunlight.

The research team hopes that in the future the paint will be used on homes, roofs, cars, and highways, which will help reduce the demand for air conditioners to use a lot of energy in buildings.

However, it will still take a long time for the paint to reach the general public and the research team is also examining whether other colors have similar cooling properties.

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