US Commission recommends blacklist India, Russia for violating religious freedom

The US Commission has recommended that India be blacklisted for the second year in a row for the worst treatment of minorities and violations of religious freedom.

According to the AFP news agency, the Indian government had expressed anger over the US Commission’s recommendation on international religious freedom last year and it is highly unlikely that the US State Department will heed this advice and condemn its close ally India.

The Commission makes its recommendations but does not formulate US policy, and its new annual report states that India has continued to have a negative attitude towards religious freedom.

The report said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government promoted Hindu nationalist policies, which resulted in systematic violations of religious freedom.

The Commission also pointed to allegations of police interference in violence against Muslims during the deadly riots in New Delhi last year and continued to express concern over the Modi-administered citizenship law, which critics say has been used against Muslims. Declares non-Indian.

According to the report, the Indian government has been suppressing dissenting voices and has also expressed concern over the increase in restrictions on interfaith marriages across the country, including in Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state.

The commission recommended that the State Department designate India as a ‘special protection country’ and blacklist it, which includes Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and China.

Other countries on the State Department’s blacklist include Eritrea, Iran, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan, and could face sanctions if they do not improve.

Johnnie Moore, a commissioner appointed by former President Donald Trump, disagreed with these recommendations regarding India. In his statement, Moore said that India is the largest democracy in the world whose constitution guarantees religious freedom.

He said that out of all the countries in the world, India should not be called a ‘country with special reservations’, their religious freedom is the greatest historical blessing. The commission asked the State Department to blacklist India, as well as Russia, Syria, and Vietnam.

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