Want a blue verified badge on your Twitter account? So now it will be possible

Authentic, prominent, and dynamic are the 3 main pillars that help an account to get a verified/Blue Badge. The social networking site had stopped verifying the accounts since November 2017 but is now reopening from January 22, 2021. If you want to get a Blue Badge on your accounts, that is make your account verified, find out who will be able to do so and how.

How will the user verify the account now?

Twitter has developed a new application process that will be available on the web and app. Users will be able to apply and select a category for verification status. They need to share some links to get the blue tick while providing the required material.

This process of verification requests on Twitter will be completed through automatic and human review, while users will also be given the option of demographic information which will be available after the completion of the request process so that the user can be more successful in obtaining Blue Badge. Under the new policy, Blue Badge will be removed from inactive and incomplete accounts by Twitter.

How does Twitter decide if an account is authentic?

According to the company, the authenticity of the account will be checked using a combination of account followers and engagement minutes.

The company said it would identify fraudulent applications by accessing third-party public resources, and the company would have the power to reject the application.

What is a dynamic account?

For a dynamic and complete account, the user must add a profile name and profile photo, before header photos were considered sufficient. Twitter users over the past 6 months will be considered active and will be able to be part of the verification process.

The account must also be linked to a verified email address or phone number. Only accounts that have not been banned for 12 hours or 7 days for violating Twitter rules in the last 6 months.

The company says it will be difficult for ordinary citizens to verify an account unless they have a large number of followers or are well-known experts in their field, but there will be some conditions.


According to Twitter, the individuals or brands whose accounts will get the Blue Badge will be in the following categories.

Government employees, including heads of state, elected officials, ministers, etc.

Leading companies, brands, and institutions.

Media organizations and journalists.

People connected to entertainment.

People connected with sports.

Social workers, organizers, and other influential people.

These categories will be gradually increased, but at the moment ordinary people can try in the category of social workers, organizers, and influential people. 

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