What causes one in 11 premature deaths?: Study

Web Desk. How important is exercise for human health? Now, scientists have revealed in a new study that people will make exercise their motto on a regular basis.

According to Male Online, scientists have stated that one out of every 11 premature deaths is due to lack of exercise. Deadly illnesses such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke, dementia, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are on the rise due to the lack of exercise among people.

Scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana, USA, found in their study that 8.1% of dementia cases worldwide were due to lack of exercise.

The research said: People who don’t exercise are more likely to have circulatory and heart diseases, which can lead to early death. Is also more susceptible to various types of cancer.

A separate study from South Korea establishes that physical activity assists to prevent heart and blood vessel disease.

However, very strenuous activity on days when air pollution is high was linked to cardiovascular problems, according to the study in the European Heart Journal.

Researcher Dr. Seong Rae Kim said: Excessive physical activity may not always be beneficial for heart health in younger adults.

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