What kind of password should be kept to avoid hackers and which should not? Security Experts

Web Desk. Some people choose their passwords very wisely but even today there are some people who prefer passwords that are easy to remember. These are the people who easily fall prey to hackers.

Now cybersecurity experts have come up with some passwords that should never be kept. According to the Daily Star, these passwords include passwords ranging from 696969 to strong passwords.

Experts say that even today some people use their own name as a password and think that hackers will not know about it. However, hacking passwords based on people’s names is the easiest thing to do.

In addition, 12345 and other such common passwords pose a serious threat to the security of accounts. People should use a combination of words and numbers in passwords and words should contain both lowercase and uppercase letters.

Also, the length of the password must be appropriately long. Such passwords are very difficult to hack. What percentage of people like to eat Meat? The results of the survey were unbelievable

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