What percentage of people like to eat Meat? The results of the survey were unbelievable

Web Desk. There is a lot of advocacy of vegetarianism in the world today and it is being declared to have numerous medical benefits. But how difficult is it for carnivores to give up meat? This question has been answered by British citizens in a survey.

According to the Daily Star, 67% of British citizens surveyed said they would rather embrace death than give up meat. They said, “Instead of giving up meat, we would like to sacrifice five to ten years of our lives and die early, but we will not give up meat.”

According to the report, the survey was conducted by OnePoll at the behest of an organization called No Meat. In this survey, more than 40% of men said that according to them, vegetarianism is attributed to women and they should be vegetarians, not men.

Thirty percent of men and 22 percent of women surveyed said that “Man has been made to eat meat, it is his instinct that cannot be changed.” If convicted, they would like to go to jail but would not give up.

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