What will Samsung’s new foldable devices look like? Watch the video

Web Desk. Samsung has done a lot of work on foldable smartphones in recent years, but so far it hasn’t caught people’s attention. But now the South Korean company is about to offer unique foldable devices that will be equipped with the latest technology.

During the Display Week conference in the United States, Samsung gave a glimpse of the next generation of foldable devices in a video. The first device shown in the video was equipped with an S-fold display that can bend at 2 points.

When fully opened, it has a 7.2-inch display that provides users with a larger canvas for multitasking. The video shows 3 different apps simultaneously on the screen while the device opens and takes the form of a bedside display.

Similarly, with a simple fold, the device can be easily pocketed and when fully folded, it looks much thinner than Samsung’s currently available foldable phones. The video also features a new Samsung laptop display with a hidden camera inside the screen.

In fact, it is the lowest bezel display ever on any mobile display. The 17-inch foldable laptop looks impressive from Microsoft’s Surface U, which can be used for a variety of tasks.

The end of the video shows a smartphone with a slideable display. The notification can be viewed from the side display while it looks like it can easily cast content to other Samsung displays.  

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