WhatsApp decides to maintain privacy policy

Web Desk. WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, postponed a new privacy policy in January following strong consumer criticism. But now WhatsApp has said it will continue with the new policy.

According to news reports, WhatsApp has said that it will allow users to read the new privacy policy on its own and will also display a banner in the app to provide additional information about privacy policy.

WhatsApp started sending notifications to users on January 4 to accept the new privacy policy. The policy was announced to take effect on February 8, 2021, and users were warned that they must accept it or their accounts will be deleted.

However, after strong criticism from users around the world over WhatsApp’s policy, WhatsApp management has stated that it will neither sell nor access user’s data. The company later postponed its decision to delete the accounts on January 16, also urging the public to reconsider leaving the app.

WhatsApp wrote in the latest blog that it is starting to remind users to review and accept updates to continue using the messaging platform. WhatsApp says a banner will be added to the app from next week, providing users with more information about privacy policy. WhatsApp’s going to introduce a unique feature for users

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