WhatsApp quietly stopped the great convenience given to its users

Web Desk. WhatsApp quietly stopped the great convenience given to its users. According to a report published on the Forbes website, the feature that WhatsApp introduced in June 2018 has now been discontinued.

Keep in mind, that WhatsApp had provided users with a money transfer facility two years ago. The facility was introduced for testing in other countries, including the United States and Brazil, after which the experiment was successful and its scope was further expanded.

WhatsApp management has been receiving complaints that users are facing difficulties in transacting or transferring money through WhatsApp, however, many people have been deceived.

According to a Forbes report, Brazilian technology and economist experts called transactions via WhatsApp not safe and expressed concerns about data being insecure.

As per the report, 213 million users in Brazil were using this service, but now the central bank has entirely stopped transferring money or transactions by way of WhatsApp.

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