WhatsApp’s take Uturn on the new Privacy Policy

Web Desk. WhatsApp’s new controversial privacy policy has been in place since May 15, which has been widely criticized from the start. In early 2021, WhatsApp began sending out notifications for new privacy policies.

At the time, there were strong reactions from users to reports of data sharing from Facebook, and WhatsApp postponed the implementation of the policy until May.

A few days before the policy was applied, WhatsApp said it would not delete the accounts of users who did not accept the policy. At the time, WhatsApp said access to the platform’s features would be restricted if the policy was not accepted even a few weeks after it was implemented.

Initially, such users will not be able to access the chat list but will be able to answer the incoming phone and video calls or enable notifications to read or answer messages or make calls.

However, if these users do not accept the policy for a few more weeks, then the arrival of calls will also stop and the messages and calls for this phone from WhatsApp will be stopped.

But now, in a new statement, the company said in a statement that after consulting with governments and privacy experts, it was decided that access to features would not be restricted to those who did not recognize the policy. This will not happen for at least some time.

The statement said, “After consulting with a number of officials and privacy experts, we would like to make it clear that we do not currently plan to restrict access to WhatsApp features for those who do not accept our new policy.”

The statement said, “On the contrary, we will occasionally remind users of new updates.”

This may change in the near future, but apparently, WhatsApp is currently trying to keep users on the platform, while also appealing to governments around the world. When the policy was introduced in January, many users turned to other platforms such as Telegram and Signal.

Last week, India instructed WhatsApp to withdraw its privacy policy, calling it against the country’s laws. On May 11, German authorities barred WhatsApp from analyzing user data, while Turkey has blocked the implementation of the policy.

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