When Tendulkar told Saeed Ajmal “Saeed Bhai don’t play the match seriously”

Web Desk. In the world of cricket, there is hardly an example of a constant tussle between Pakistan and India. The players of both countries do not miss any opportunity to be at the forefront in opposing each other.

In such a situation, it would be hard to imagine that there would have ever been an occasion when an Indian player had told a Pakistani player not to take the match seriously. But according to Indian news channel NDTV, this has actually happened in a match played for a welfare purpose.

Saeed Ajmal was playing for Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) during a welfare match at Lord’s Cricket Stadium in England in July 2014. His opponents in the rest of the world were Adam Gilchrist, Tamim Iqbal, Kevin Pietersen, and Shahid Afridi.

Former Pakistan sniper Saeed Ajmal, while reminiscing about the match, revealed that Sachin Tendulkar, who was leading the MCC team, came running towards him during the match and said that he took the game seriously. Don’t take it because it had to be played at least until 6:30 pm to raise as many funds as possible.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan’s YouTube channel, Saeed Ajmal said it was a friendly match and the players had to spend a certain amount of time in it to raise more funds.

But when the match started, I took four wickets in four overs and he (Sachin Tendulkar) came running towards me and said, Saeed Bhai, this is a welfare match, don’t play it so seriously. This is for people who have come here to enjoy it, they will here eat and drink.

Saeed Ajmal said that Sachin Tendulkar had said that “the match should not end before 6:30 pm, but you are bent on ending it by 1:00 pm.”

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