When the oxygen on the ground would be so low that life will end? Scientists have made dangerous predictions

Web Desk. The United States and Japan have created a model of the Earth’s environment and made an astonishing prediction about the end of life here. According to Mail Online, the model, developed in a joint study by American and Japanese scientists, shows that after one billion years, the level of oxygen on our planet will be so low that most of the life here will end.

Scientists say that the increasing brightness of the sun over time will affect the surface temperature of the earth and the process of photosynthesis in plants. On the one hand, the earth’s temperature will rise sharply and on the other hand, the level of oxygen will be very low.

However, this will take about 1 billion years. Scientists say that the results of our research will make it easier to estimate how long it will take us to find another planet where life is possible. If no such planet is found by then, humanity will be extinct.

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