Which countries have banned the entry of passengers from Pakistan?

Web Desk. Air travel is once again being banned in the wake of the third wave of coronavirus. Most countries in the world are once again closing their doors to travelers from countries where corona cases and deaths are on the rise.

In Pakistan, too, the daily rate of COVID-19 has exceeded the overall rate and the number of cases is increasing rapidly. That is why many countries have suspended air links with Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia banned travelers from 20 countries, including Pakistan, in February. All flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia have been suspended due to an increase in cases in the kingdom.

However, travel restrictions are being partially lifted by Saudi authorities on May 17, but restrictions on 20 countries, including Pakistan and India, will remain in place.

United Kingdom
The UK has added Pakistan to its air travel red list to stem the rise in coronavirus cases. The British government has banned Pakistani travelers from entering the country since April 9, but quarantine conditions have been imposed on British nationals arriving in the UK from Pakistan.

Canada has tightened restrictions due to the rise of corona cases in some countries. Canada has suspended flights from Pakistan for 30 days to stem the rise in coronavirus cases. Canadian authorities have suspended air links with India in addition to Pakistan.

Hong Kong
Authorities have placed Pakistan on a “high-risk list” following an increase in corona cases in Hong Kong. Passenger flights from Pakistan have been banned for two weeks since April 20. In addition to Pakistan on the high-risk list, flights from India and the Philippines are also banned for two weeks.

Oman has also announced a ban on passenger flights from Pakistan from April 26, following the rapid spread of Corona cases. Passengers from Oman, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh will be barred from entering.

Pakistan has banned flights from which countries?
Pakistan has banned travelers from 23 countries, including India. Apart from air travel, passengers coming from India by land are also barred from entering due to coronavirus.

In addition, travelers from other African countries, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Somalia, and Kenya, are barred from entering Pakistan.

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