Why do some people’s eyes begin to close at noon?

Have you ever noticed that after seven or eight hours of sleep throughout the night, active activities in the morning, and after lunch, you suddenly feel lazy and drowsy? That’s why so many people around the world take a nap in the afternoon, but what’s the reason?

Now it seems that medical scientists have found the answer to this question. In fact, the habit of taking a nap is in the genes and has nothing to do with the choice of attitudes. It was discovered in a medical study in the United States.

The Harvard University study, after analyzing the genomes of half a million people in the UK, found that the cause of afternoon sleep was biological. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have identified 123 parts of the human genome that are related to afternoon sleep.

Going deeper, the researchers discovered three possible mechanisms that cause nausea. Two of the three mechanisms were named Disrupted Sleep and Early Morning Awakening, as they were seen in people who either couldn’t sleep at night or woke up early for some reason. The third mechanism is called sleep propulsion, which refers to how long a person needs sleep.

The researchers said that the results showed that the habit of a nap was hidden in genes and had nothing to do with the environment or attitudes. The research also identified some genetic habits linked to medical problems, including obesity and hypertension.

Harvard Medical School expert ”Iyas Daghlas” who is part of the study said, the findings show why some people are accustomed to taking a nap in the afternoon. The results of the study were published in the Medical Journal Nature Communications.

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